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Soal Bahasa Inggris Prediksi UN SMK dan Kunci Jawaban TA 2015/2016

 on Friday, February 12, 2016  

Expressing Possibility
1.      Titi            : “Hello, Bim, I saw the grass at the football field was ruined.
     Bima         : “I’m not sure.
        I saw lots of footsteps and a stage was still there.”
a.   Someone might throw stones into the field
b.   Maybe, some people had discussion there
c.   A concert was probably held yesterday
d.   There must be a football match

Offering Something
2.      Waiter       : Would you like a cup of tea?
     Customer : …That’s my favourite drink
a.   I don’t think so
b.   I agree with you
c.   Absolutely right
d.   Certainly

Asking to do something
3.      Nania        : Mom, would you please inform me how to make fried rce?
     Mother      : … Let’s go to the market. We have to buy the ingredients first.
a.   Sure
b.   Perhaps
c.   I’m not sure
d.   I’m sorry I can’t

Routine Activity
4.      Alice         : What does your brother do at the weekend?
     Elly           : He .… He’s fond of surfing.
a.    Likes to stay at home
b.    Usually goes to the beach
c.   Sometimes visits her lover
d.   Often hangs out with his friends

5.      Vinny        Excuse me, I’d like to ... my reservation?
     Cassey     : Yes, sir. Your name, please
a.   Read
b.   Give
c.   Resgn
d.   Confirm

Asking to do something
6.      Fred          : Can you help me fix my computer, Ed?
     Edward     : I’d love to, but my schedule is full today. What about tomorrow?
     What does Edward mean? Edward... .
a.   Edward will fix Fred’s computer tomorrow
b.   Edward will fix Fred’s computer today
c.   Edward refuses to help Fred
d.  Edward asks for Fred’s help

Conditional Type 1
7.      Fita           : What time will we leave?
     Wanda      : If you get up early, we …
     Fita           : Okay, I’ll set my alarm.
a.   Will leave at down
b.    Won’t leave at down
c.   Would leave at down
d.   Would have left at down

Future Plan
8.      Andara     : What will you do after finishing the study?
     Putra        : …How about you?
a.   I can’t manage myself
b.   I don’t know what to say
c.   I will work to earn money
d.   My mother works hard for me

Past Event
9.      Shinta       : What did you do last night? I called you twice but you didn’t answer me.
     Linda        : … My old friend invited me for the reunion party. I... .
a.    Visit my old friend at the hotel
b.    Will be at home before mid night
c.    Went out until late with my husband
d.   Will have a chat with my companion

Activity being done
10.   Uncle        : Where is your mother? I can’t find her.
     Lusi           : She is in the dining room. She... .
a.   Was busy for doing something
b.   Is preparing for dinner
c.   Had to cook lunch
d.   Used to order meal

1.      Farida  :  Where should we have dinner, Andy?
Andy   :  How about the new restaurant near the museum.
Farida  :  . . . . .  I heard that it is good enough.
a.       That is terrible.
b.      That’s a good idea.
c.       You should ask your friend.
d.      I think the restaurant is far away.
2.      Guest          :  Can I speak to the general manager, please?
Secretary     :  Sorry, Sir. She is having a meeting right now.  . . . . .
Guest          :  Alright.
a.       May I help you?
b.      Would you like to go out?
c.       Who do you want to speak to?
d.      Would you mind waiting for him?
3.      Rahma    :  I’m leaving for Bandung tonight and I can’t pick you up tomorrow
                  as usual.  . . . . .
Zahida    :  Don’t worry. I will take bus.
a.       Can you pick me up tomorrow?
b.      How do you get to work tomorrow?
c.       When are you leaving for Bandung?
d.      What will you do at work tomorrow?
4.      Maryono     :  I would like to book a room, please?
Hotel clerk  :  Certainly, Sir.  . . . . .
Maryono     :  On Sunday, July 14.
a.      When would you like to stay?
b.      Would you like a single or double?
c.       How long are you going to stay?
d.      When will you be available?
5.      Hesti     :  Sixteen people were killed in the flood disaster last week. How awful.
Yulia     :  . . . . . I wish people would keep the environment.
a.      That’s too bad.
b.      They deserve it.
c.       I’m happy to hear that.
d.      It sounds like a good idea.
6.      Tomy    :  What is your plan after graduating from vocational school?
Indri      :  . . . . .
a.       If I had a chance, I would go to work.
b.      If I study hard, I can graduate from school.
c.       If I were you, I would continue my study.
d.      If my parents have much money, I will enter the college.
7.      Tanti     :  I have a trouble with my notebook.  . . . . .
Yudi     :  Alright. Let me check it out.
a.       Would you mind calling a repair man?
b.      Do you know how to use it?
c.       Can you help me to fix it?
d.      Will you lend yours?
8.      Nahel    :  Do you often take public transportation to work?
Rika      :  No. But when I was in Vocational school,  . . . . .
a.       I take a train.
b.      I will take a taxi.
c.       I used to take a bus everyday.
d.      I was going to take a boat to school.
9.      Tika       :  Your assistant manager resigned yesterday, didn’t she?
Hendra  :  Yes.  . . . . . She never told anyone about her plan.
a.       That seems a good idea.
b.      She will resign someday.
c.       That was a quite surprise.
d.      I knew she would out.
10.  Kailila   :  I would like to have an opening party at my new hotel.  . . . . .
Ramon  :  Well, I don’t think I can. I have to attend a meeting.
a.       May I ask you about it?
b.      Would you like to come?
c.       What are you doing tomorrow?
d.      What is your plan this weekend?
WAHYU SETYORINI Incomplete dialogue 2014                              PAKET 1
32.       Antono : we have been here for almost 30 minutes but the bus has not come yet.
Jono : … because it is rush hour.
A.                I think the bus is being repaired.
B.                 May be it catches by the traffic jam.
C.                  Probably the gasoline is run out
D.                I suppose it is out of order

33.       Joko : I feel this room is too cool …?
Paijo : I am so sorry I can’t operate this AC remote.
A.                Can  you take me the remote?
B.                 Would you like turn off the AC?
C.                 Please, open the cover of the remote!
D.                Open the window please, will you?

34.       Sarinem : Tomorrow is my friend’s birthday but I don’t have any idea to give her
                      gift. Any idea?
Sarimpi : … since this jewelry is good enough and cheaper than the gold.
A.                Why don’t you give her a gold ring?
B.                 How about giving her a silver bracelet?
C.                 It’s better for you to buy her a big diamond.
D.                You should send her the most expensive jewelry.

35.       Paidi : What do you do every Sunday?
Triadi : … I always look for the good spot in order to get the big fish.
A.                I enjoy fishing very much
B.                 I took care my fish in the beach
C.                 I have made a big aquarium In my house
D.                My friends and I are catching the tuna and trevally.

36.        Receptionist :Horison Hotel. Good morning. Can I help you?
Arifin : Good morning. … ? I need them for tonight.
Receptionist : I am so sorry sir. They all have been booked.
A.                Can I book a double room?
B.                 I want to pay the bill for my room.
C.                 How about reserving in my hotel?
D.                Is it possible for you to stay at this hotel?

37.       Ravi : I have just bought this mobile phone but I don’t know how to operate it. …?
Kalila :Sure. I have ever had this phone.
A.                Can you sell it?
B.                 Could you buy the manual?
C.                 Why don’t you learn about repairing it?
D.                Is it possible for me to learn how to use it?

38.       Fifi : Great! I am really surprised that you  can swim as fast as an athlete.
Ida : … so I am still able to swim as fast her although I have never done the exercise for almost a year.
A.                I use all of my power.
B.                 I used to to swim here.
C.                 I always swim every day.
D.                The swimming pool is not deep.

39.       Yudika : This task has been finished. What’s next?
Andrea : … so that all the participants know about all the tasks.
A.                We can go home now.
B.                 We would continue the other program.
C.                 We never ask the participants to do to the next task.
D.                We are going to present the entire task in front of the participants.

40.       Gatot : Your score was so good in the last test. What was your preparation?
Lutfi    : … and I tried to understand the item tests by myself.
A.                I join the course.
B.                 I was studying the night before.
C.                 My sister was good in solving  the problem.
D.                My school gives the extra lesson in the afternoon.

41.        Bajuri :Listen! … 
Oneng : Well. It’s the time for us to leave this canteen  and join the class.
A.                The students call us.
B.                 The bell is ringing.
C.                 Rina shouted at us.
D.                Do you ring the bell?
WAHYU SETYORINI Incomplete dialogue 2014                              PAKET 2
32.       Jefri     : “I’m so disappointed, I failed again in my test.”                  
            Aldian :” I think ….”
Jefri     : “That’s what I’m going to do, but I’m still thinking about fee to give.”

A.    you should complain to your teacher                                           
B.     the questions are not really difficult
C.     you have to take a private course
D.    you should see the doctor                                                                                

33.       Guest  : “I want to complain about the facility in my room, the air conditioner doesn’t work well?”
            Manager    :” Oh I’m sorry for the inconvenience, I will .…”
            Guest   : “Ok, thanks.”

A.    have someone fix it
B.     have someone clean it
C.     give you discount for the inconvenient
D.    go to your room to make sure you are convenient 

34.       Azizah       : “I’m not feeling well today.”    
Adi      : “ …”
Azizah : “Thanks for the advice.”

A.    Do you want to lie down?                                   
B.     Why don’t you take a rest?
C.     How about going to the cinema?
D.    What about having something to drink?
35.       Faizal   : “What kind of extra activities do you have at school?”      
Ashari  : “We ….”
Faizal   : “Really? So, you can speak more than one foreign language.”

A.    join scouting clubs                                   
B.     do many kinds of sports
C.     have French and Mandarin classes
D.    learn first aids in Young Red Cross         

 36.      Caller   :” …    “                                                                     
             Agent :” For what time, please?”
             Caller  :” Is 7 a.m. available?”
            Agent  : “I’m sorry sir, all seats have been booked for the time.”

A.    Can I go with the first flight to Singapore?
B.     Could I reserve a table for six tonight?
C.     Is there a double room for tonight?
D.    Could I have two tickets, please?

37.          Secretary         : There must be a trouble with the copier. The copies come out too dark.
              I can’t get it to work. …?”
Mechanic         : “Sure, miss. I’ll do it right away.”
A.  Can you fix it now                                                            
B.  Can I do it for you
C.  Will you send the copies
D.  May I call you to repair it                          

38.  Teacher      : “How about your final exam next month, have you prepared it?  
      Student     : “I don’t decide what to do, sir.”
      Teacher      : ….
A.    I wish I had enough time to prepare the final exam
B.     I wish you could have answered all the questions
C.     If I didn’t answer all questions, I wouldn’t pass
D.    If you come to my house, I will train you

39.  Rizky         : “What are you going to do after finishing your study?”
      Shinta        : “I really want to go to university. But I think ….”
Rizky         : “That’s a wise choice.”                    
A.    I’m nothing to do             
B.     I want to have a vacation
C.     I’m going to get a job first to help my parents
D.    I will choose Tri Sakti University as my first option
40.  Via            : “Did you enjoy the music concert last night?”                    
      Nanda       : “Sure, ... I couldn’t stop my feet to dance.”
      Via                        :” I did it too. “
A.    I didn’t enjoy at all.                                             
B.     The concert was really uninteresting.
C.     The concert was good but not extra ordinary.
D.    That was one of the most terrific concert I’ve ever seen.

41.  Sonia         : “What is your brother doing now?”
      Siva           : “… in the yard with his friends, he also has strong smash.”
A.    He is kicking a ball                                   
B.     He is playing volley ball
C.     He is watching smash boy band
D.    His friends are playing volley ball

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