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Soal UTS 2 Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI Semester 2 TA 2015/2016

 on Friday, February 19, 2016  

1.      I … a new computer for my son last week.
a.       buy                 b. bought                     c. buys             d. is buying                 e. buyed

2.      They … typing by the time you come back.
a.       would finish   b. will finished            c. will finish    d. will finishing           e. finishing

3.      She …  the flood victim tomorrow
a.       is going to visit                                   c. are going to visit                  e. were visited
b.      is going to visited                               d. are going to visited

4.      He …  his grandparents next month.
a.       has visit          b. as visited                 c. will visit       d. will visits                 e. are visiting

5.      He … here with his girlfriend just now.
a.       come               b. comes                      c. came            d. will come                e. will came

6.      Andi         : Hi, How was your weekend?
Amir         : …. I went to Borobudur temple with my family.
a.       it was great                                         c. it is great                              e. it were exciting
b.      it was sad                                           d. it is very interesting           

7.      Keep quite please! The baby …. right now.
a.       was sleeping                                       c. will sleep                             e. is sleeping
b.      were sleeping                                     d. will sleeping

8.      Andi         : Will you come to Amir’s birthday party with me tonight?
Aisyah      : Yes of course. I … with you.
a.       won’t come                                        c. will not come                       e. I will come
b.      am going to come                               d. am not going to come

9.      Aisyah      : You seem familiar with her. Where did you meet her?
Ani           : I first ….  her in the mosque years ago.
a.       met                 b. meet                        c. had meet           d. had met              e. meeting

10.  Yeni and Firna … softball in the yard. Let’s join them!
a.       are going to play                                c. is going to play                    e. is going to plays
b.      is going to played                               d. are going to plays

11.  Fahri         : When did you buy this dictionary at the bookshop?
Aesha       : … ….
a.       I buy it two days ago                                    c. I bought it two days ago     e. I buyed it just now
b.      I didn’t buy it two days ago             d. I had bought it two days ago

12.  Maria         : What is Fahri doing right now?
Aesha       : … ….
a.       He delivers luggage                            d. He is talking to Seich Utsman
b.      He mends the computer                      e. He prepared lunch
c.       He studied English with Amir

13.  Teacher     : What are you going to do tomorrow evening?
Student     : … …?
a.       I’ll see you then                                  c. I’m going home now           e. I’ll sleep all day
b.      I would meet a friend                                     d. I’m going to stay at home

14.  Thea         : … …your father usually go to the office every Saturday?
Tino          : No, He stays at home every Saturday
a.       do                   b. does             c. did               d. is                 e. was

15.  Parents     : What do the students usually do at school?
Teacher     : …. ….in the workshop.
a.       they are going to practice                   c. they are practicing               e. they practice

b.      they have practiced                            d. they will practice 

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