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Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI Semester 2 TA 2015/2016

 on Friday, February 19, 2016  

1.     Andi : We will have a small dinner party at home tonight. we’ll be glad if you’d like to come.
      Ani   : ..........................................................
      A.       That sounds great                                                    D. I’m lonely
      B.       You’re right                                                             E. We will leave it
      C.    Let me help you, please
2.     Denada : Is there any special guest?
      Benni     : ...............................................................
      A.       I agree with you                                                     D. It’s too bad
      B.       There are a lot of people                                        E. I’m not sure. Let’s see then
      C.    I guess I can
3.     Johan : well done, Rika
     Rika    : ..................................................................
     A.       I know I’m the best                                                        D. Never mind
     B.       Thank you to say so                                                       E. Here you are
     C.    I’ll take it
4.     Father : I think we need to see the map to decide our next direction, don’t we?
      Mother : ...................................................
      A.       That’s good idea. I’m afraid we lost                                            D. It’s his map
      B.       The map is new                                                                            E. Let’s go home
      C.    you are too much
5.     Seller : What can I do for you, Sir?
      Buyer : well, I need to buy a t-shirt for my daughter. May I see your collection?
      Seller : of course. We have many choices for you. What size and color do you want?
      Buyer : M in size and pink color. I hope I can find it.
From the dialogue we know that ...................................................
     A.       The speakers are at the departmentstore                      
     B. The buyer are not interested to buy

     C.       The seller doesn’t have t-shirt collection                   
     D. The conversation took place at the office

      E.    The daughter want to buy a t-shirt
6.     Nirina : I’m very hungry. Let’s have lunch at the Padang Restaurant.
     Betty  : I’m hangry too. But can we go to other restaurant?  
     Nirina : May I know the reason? Padang food is my favourite. It’s the most delicious food on the                   world.
      Betty   : I don’t think so. I really hate it, even I can’t stand for its smell. I prefer pecel.
What can we infer from the dialogue?
      A.     Betty likes Padang food                                      
      B.     Nirina wants to eat Pecel
      C.    Betty disagree with Nirina’s oponion about Padang food                      
      D.    The speakers will go to the Padang resaturant
      E.    The speakers are in the restaurant
7.     Ann : I have promised to my mother that I’ll come home at 8, but I’ve to finish this report       
right now.
      Ben : Why don’t you call her to inform about it.  
      Ann : you’re right. I’ll do that after having diner.

What did Ben suggest Ann to do?
      A.       To call her mother                                                   D. To have diner first
      B.       To go home early                                                     E. To wait for her mother
      C.         To continue finishing her report
This short talk is used to answer questions number 8 - 10
Our next speaker really needs no introduction. She has been involved in local politics for longer than I've been alive, and over the past four decades has become an icon of our city and community. She started by serving eight years on the city council, and then eight years as mayor. After that, she was elected for two terms as our state governor, then two more terms as state representative. As if that weren't enough, she has been president of her children's Parent-Teacher Association three separate times, and now is the volunteer president of our local chapter of Citizens for a Greener America. She has a PhD in public policy from State University, where she serves on the advisory board, and last month received an honorary degree from Harvard. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in giving a warm welcome to a very special guest: Ms. Lindsey Larson!
8.       Where is this introduction probably taking place?
       A.       In an elementary school
       B.       In a business office
       C.      At a public carnival
       D.      At a large convention
       E.       At a party
9.       What does the speaker mean when he says that Ms. Larson does not need an introduction?
       A.       She is tired of speaking.
       B.       She wants to introduce herself.
       C.      She is already well known.
       D.      There is not enough time.
       E.       She isn’t an important guest
10.    What is the main purpose of the introduction?
       A.       To inform the audience of Ms. Larson's career
       B.       To summarize Ms. Larson's achievements
       C.      To give new information about Ms. Larson
       D.      To  raise money for Ms. Larson's children
        E.       To make the guest happy
11.    Although working for the company for six months now, he never seems to know what to do.
             A                       B                                   C                                  D                       E
12.    My sister and I used to going shopping together. Yet she lives in other city now.
                         A                      B          C                     D            E
13.    Mother : do you have homework, Jack?
       Jack     : I forget that I have homework or not. Let me check it first.
                           B        C                                                          D
        Mother : if you have, do it before going to bed.
14.    I know that you are very sad. If I am on your position I would feel the same. I’m sorry for that.
                     A                     B               C                                             D                                   E
15.    Beni: We will have very long holiday. I’m sure it will be bored.
                                 A              B                                                   C
       Anna: you’re right. I’ll spend it in Bali with my family. It’s must be great holiday.

                         D                                             E

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